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Jermaine McGhee Jermaine McGheeHey this is Jermaine McGhee,

I've worked with a lot of trainers over the years from high school to college and a number of them are in the Pro's. All of them taught me there way and their style of running and yes I've gotten faster but it was wasn't consistent.

With speed you need consistency and that comes with being comfortable and right form, being comfortable is very important because if you're comfortable you will look and feel it and your time will show it. Being consistent is what speed is all about, the right form proper arm swings and knee drive is what knocks your time down.Jermaine McGhee

As for me being a Defensive End/ Outside Linebacker at 6'3 265 my speed is what really pops out to teams and makes me stand out from all the other players.

Working with Bruce he's gotten my 10yrd split down from at 1.65 to a consistent 1.55 that's huge and that's with only working with him for 10 days straight and he also got my 40yrd time down from a 4.78 to 4.67 and I ran that at 270 pounds, so if you're willing to work and get faster he's the guy to go to.

Out of the boxDanny Etling, QB, and Coach Hazell's number one Purdue Recruit, is top prospect at OD Bowl Houston TX.

Danny has trained under AllSportSpeed.com since his freshman year at Terre Haute South High School on:

- Footwork
- 40 yd. speed
- Scrambling speed
and throwing velocity

        Speed Development Coach Bruce Rosselli

Out of the box"My 11yr old son has been playing baseball for 8yrs now, and travel baseball for the last 2 ½ yrs. He plays 3rd base and pitches. He has never been known for speed and most people would have thought he was dragging a boat anchor behind him.

A friend mentioned that Bruce was offering training to teach the proper technique to help build speed. My son was not interested in going at first because he thought that all he would do is run for the complete session, and that was not the case. After the first session was over he was asking me when do I get to come back, he loved it. It did not take very long to tell a difference in the way my son was running. His form was much better and it showed as you could see he was faster. He is more confident running the bases and stealing than ever before.

Pitching He now knows the proper way to position his body so he can explode down the base line whether it is leading off to steal a base or out of the batters box. The other thing that really impressed me was that my son is now more powerful off of the mound. His balance is better and he now uses his legs to push off the rubber instead of just relying on his arm to throw."

"Bruce is very passionate about teaching the proper technique and does it in a very pleasant manner. I have never heard Bruce make a negative comment to anyone at the training sessions.

He teaches everyone in a positive environment and pushes them to do their best and beyond. It is not only about teaching proper technique though, he is teaching them to be a better athlete on and off the field as well."

         Brad Brown father of Ryan Brown (Terre Haute Havoc 11U Travel Baseball)

Nick Ciolli"In one summer, Bruce increased my speed and quickness, which resulted in leading both the Alaskan Baseball League and the professional baseball Advanced Rookie League, in steals for the 2008 and 2009 seasons".

         Nick Ciolli, Chicago White Sox

Jamie Petrowski

"Bruce helped correct my techniques in sprinting, and also made me a more explosive player on the field.

I highly recommend his expertise if you are wanting to become a faster and more explosive athlete".

Jamie Petrowski
Jamie Petrowski, NFL's Carolina Panthers


"Along with improving my technique to be explosive out of the blocks, which helped me to break a school record in the 300 hurdles at State, Coach Rosselli drastically changed my mental toughness through "mental imagery", teaching me to always believe in myself".

         Jennifer Macke,
         Terre Haute North HS Track Team, 6th at 2005 Indiana HS State Championships, 300 Hurdles

"You want proof that Bruce Rosselli's speed training can help you as an athlete? Just ask my son, Jacob Hayes. In baseball, the yardstick for testing speed is the 60 yard dash. Jacob had hovered right around 6.9 to 7.0 in the 60 yard dash prior to working out with Bruce. During the early spring of Jacob's junior year, I took him to just a few of Bruce's speed training sessions indoors. After attending a few of Bruce's sessions, Jacob went to a baseball showcase indoors at DePauw University. The showcase was for Prep Baseball Report Indiana. He ran a 6.75 60, which was the fastest that he had ever run.

Then in the summer, I took him to an outdoor showcase camp at Ohio State, which is where he alwaysJacob Hayes dreamed of playing baseball. I still remember the look on the faces of the two coaches (one the top assistant in charge of recruiting) when Jacob crossed the finish line for his first 60 time. The coach looked at his stopwatch and then looked at the other coach on the other side of the finish line. I didn't know what he had run, but I assumed it was pretty good. Since they all ran twice, I watched again as he finished the 60 the second time. When everyone else left the area where the 60s were being run, only Jacob and the top assistant were left in the middle of the field. He had run a 6.52 and a 6.58. They informed him right then and there that they were going to offer him a scholarship. He had hit the ball real well in the scrimmage that morning, but I'm sure that the speed was the overriding factor in their decision to make their offer. Lots of people can hit...but if you can't run, you can quickly become a liability in college baseball.

The rest is history. Jacob received a great scholarship offer to Ohio State and is in his freshman year right now. An improvement of .4 to .5 seconds in a player's 60 yard dash time, regardless of the player's speed before, can really make a difference to college coaches. And Bruce Rosselli can make a difference in your speed in a hurry by improving your running technique. You wanna be faster? Call Bruce right now and get started!"

        Timothy R. Hayes, Attorney at Law
        1717 S. Third Street
        Terre Haute, IN 47802
        Phone: 812-234-7500
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My name is Daniel Gabbard and I am a senior at Terre Haute North High School. I have been training for about three weeks with Bruce Rosselli at AllSportSpeed.com. In that short time, I have gained a lot of knowledge through my participation in a multiple of skills such as balance, core strength, speed, flexibility, and proper technique for forty dash starts. I can tell a difference in my abilities and I continue to improve after each session. I plan to play football collegiately next year at Indiana State University and this training will give me an advantage.

Bruce does a great job and the hands-on training is my favorite. Each session is video taped so we can watch how we do the drills. This visual record of our performance helps us with our personal critique and demonstrates what needs to be corrected. I appreciate the time Bruce devotes to our training and the knowledge he shares to further our athletic abilities. This type of one-on-one attention and individual training is what will help me advance to the next level.

  Daniel Gabbard
Running back
Terre Haute North HS
Two-time first team all-state,
Indiana All-Star Team, Named All-MIC
Sr. year, 190 rushes for 1,300 yards and 10 touchdowns 21 receptions for 350 yards and two touchdowns

"After finishing rehab from a horrible accident I began to work with Bruce and in a few short months he had me running and performing exercises that neither I nor my therapists or doctors thought I would be doing for a long time if ever. When I started I was still using a cane to get around and needed to wear an articulating foot brace because the muscles in my leg were not strong enough to allow me to clear my left foot when walking which caused me to trip on it. It was not very long before I no longer had the need for the cane or the brace due to the concentrated workouts Bruce did with me.

 I continue to work out with Bruce and am trying to return to baseball shape and play baseball at Wabash College when nobody other than Bruce, my family, and I believed I could do so. Bruce does amazing work and the confidence that he has in you to be able to perform all the exercises really helps you build confidence in yourself. He really gets to know you personally and is willing to listen to what you have to say and will do anything and everything he can to try and help you in any way that he can.

He can quickly identify the areas that need to be focused on the most for each individual that he works with. The people who train with you are also very encouraging, motovating, and in turn challenge you to be the best that you can be and put out a maxium effort every time you are working out. I went through a lot of therapy, six months to be exact, and in the few short months I was with Bruce I could see tremendous results in a very short time. I was able to build leg strength, work on perfecting the proper form when running, gain speed, improve agility, and build confidence in myself. I am optimistic that when the Spring rolls around I will be able to take my place on the field at third base and contribute to what looks to be a solid team with great potential this year!

I would recommend this workout program to anybody, at any age level, no matter what ability level they are on, because if you work out with Bruce and really want to get stronger and faster and believe that you can do so, he can help make it happen, I have seen it myself for everybody who he has worked with including myself!"

        Ryne Ruddock, Wabash College Baseball

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